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Helping women discover

their beauty inside and out

through color and fashion!

Created by Design-logo.png

Discover your personal palette of perfect colors

The secret to making sure you're buying the right color

The guide that makes getting dressed every day fun & easy

I want you to gain confidence in

styling yourself through strategies, tools

and professional image consulting.  


We will determine your color code, body type, and your style personality resulting

in a win for you and recognition of the masterpiece you were created to be!


Mary L.

A visit from Tanya and a look through my closet were life-changing for me!

I have confidence now in choosing colors (Cool) and styles (ClassicModern) that are right for what I’m comfortable in and right for my body type. 

I highly recommend a styling session with Tanya!


Sandy F.

Tanya was very helpful to me and so pleasant  to work with!  She helped me figure out which colors look the best on me, which has made shopping and getting dressed so much easier.  


Sandra M.

Thank you!!!

After our consultation, I just felt so inspired! I was happy to see I already had items in my closet to start with.  It's been so much fun!!!

66...I'm coming for you!!!

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Women Matter Initiative

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Color is a powerful tool that can change the way others perceive you and the way you see yourself

Want to learn how to start using color to flatter your beauty & create a win for you?

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