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Autumn is in the Air 🍂🍁

With Autumn, comes cooler temps but we aren't quite there yet in Mid-Missouri! So what is a girl to do?

For starters, it is OK to wear white after Labor Day! That is an outdated adage that had to do with temperatures, social standing and access to laundry facilities. But presently, those aren't all affecting us. When evaluating what to wear, give more consideration to the weather and the fabric that the clothing is constructed from. Wearing light-weight clothing in the spring and summer months for coolness, for example linen, lightweight cottons or gauzy fabrics and heavier weight fabrics in the fall and winter months, possibly corduroy, woolens and flannels. For example, in the spring/summer months you might wear white cotton shorts and in the fall/winter months perhaps white corduroy pants.

Another suggestion to transition from warm to cooler weather is changing your footwear from sandals to booties or loafers or adding a layering piece like a trending jacket or cardigan.

With Fall upon us, that also prompts closet changes. As you change your wardrobe from summer wear to fall/winter clothing, you might consider the 2023 Fall/Winter Closet Outfit Planner! The COP comes out twice a year, is created for your color code, gives you clothing item suggestions to curate your closet down to 27 hangers but still giving you 150+ outfit combinations, gives body type guidelines as to how to wear the various outfit pairings, and actually gives you shopping links if you need to add pieces in your color code to your wardrobe! So convenient and takes the stress out of what to wear and saves you money too! Check out the COP and see if it's right for you! Maybe you need to invest in you and enjoy the benefits for months to come! It is currently on sale for $79 (regularly $87) until the end of Sept. There's also a FB Community you can be a part of and continue to learn all about color, clothing and style in a caring, helpful community!

Have an amazing autumn 🍂 and please browse my website for all my services. I would love to work with you, you and your girlfriends or speak at your next event hosted by your church or community!

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