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Updated: Aug 29, 2020

Are you a woman who would love to have a place to gather to discuss fashion and faith? Join the Wait List for our VIP Community! Don't wait, we don't want you to miss out!

The following message is from Shari Braendel, founder of Fashion Meets Faith:

Well, hello there!

In September of this year, we are kicking off a brand new, incredible, (like, really, you won’t believe it) membership community that will help you make the kind of progress in your life that you’ve wanted for a long time (and maybe didn’t even realize it!)…and we want YOU to join us!

In this private group, you’ll be able to share photos of outfits, ask questions in a judgement-free space, send pictures from the dressing room or closet, and build lifelong friendships! You’ll move forward in your faith journey, do a deep dive into your identity, and become a rock star at your own style journey…all while learning to dress and embrace the beautiful woman you are.

But that’s not all.

We have a brand new, knock your socks off kind of membership that will help you make progress as you are moving into the second act of your life when it comes to style, purpose and passion.

Friend, this is a game-changing community that won’t be the same without you.

Join the Wait List to receive an invitation to the kick-off PARTY (September 3rd at 8 PM EST) and celebrate with us!

Special note: Only those on the Wait List will be privy to the early bird bonuses and party! We can’t WAIT to meet you!

See you at the PARTY!!!!


Subscribe to the Nicest Style Community

on the Internet!

If interested, please send me (Created by Design, Tanya) a heads up on Messenger and we will get you signed up for the VIP WAIT LIST and the PARTY!!!

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